What is involved in a Womb Healing & Consultation?
Prior to the Womb Healing session I recommend a consultation to gain an understanding of your cycle, goals and concerns. When a clear intention is set, we move on to the womb healing which involves lying comfortably on the massage table, in a quiet meditative state, with peaceful music playing in a candle lit space, while I burn the traditional herb of Mugwort contained in the Moxa stick, used over the areas within the triangle of your womb & in the energy centres of your feminine womb space. Moxibustion therapy is an ancient Chinese medical practice used to restore chi/heat to the chosen area of the body. In this case we will focus on the womb space, back & related pressure points.

How can this benefit your Womb?

Moxa therapy is a beautiful warming treatment. Mugwort is such a powerful & potent herb used in many hormone regulating teas & herbal blends which bring the menstrual cycle back into balance making it easier to track your ovulation and menstruation dates.

Since the Moxibustion is an external treatment, the heat burning from the stick is able to pass through the skin and spread to the deepest parts of the womb which would in most cases remain cold. 

Most womb related issues are caused from dampness and coolness within the womb, so the heat treatment allows the cold to disperse from the outside in, returning the body to a state of warmth. Trauma is also often stored in the womb, so the moxa stick can also assist in shifting this. 


This session is for you if...

- You you like to regulate your PMS & menstrual pain
- You are trying to conceive 

- You have just come off the Pill

- You want to connect to your womb

- You are looking for an alternative way to bring your hormones into balance

- You want to build up your feminine energy

- You are wanting to clear sexual trauma stored in the womb